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What my clients say

“I took my daughter who had an extreme fear of dogs to see Karen and within one session she went from a 7 year old girl who jumped off her bike and ran out of fear of a dog, to a girl who would happily play and stay with Karen’s dog. It was truly amazing. I too have had a session for my fear of driving on motorways and have already seen progress.”
Clare and Rheanna Byfield
Thank you again for helping me cure my M.E. After two years of battling with my GP to get him to understand that I wasn’t a hypochondriac, countless tests, pills, scans and injections it has taken me 4 sessions with you to realise my barriers to healing and allow myself to get better.
Jill Elford
I felt really good after the sessions and am now able to think about the things that caused me stress in a more calmer way, which is great.
Nicola Blackman
Karen was incredibly professional and sensitive to my needs. As a result, I achieved the results I wanted. Thank you.
John Hotowka
I was struggling with the different relationship demands within my family and had no time for myself. Through the work I have done with Karen, I now realise the importance of “me time” and with my newly acquired confidence, I have booked myself onto a catering course. My relationships at home are much better and my children see a more relaxed, calmer me which has had a fantastic impact on their school work.
Hayley Matheson

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