Be You Be Epic

I help people who are struggling with lifes physical or mental challenges by teaching a number of techniques that will not only change their lives but empower them to go on and lead their best life.

Check out my video story here and also Jills amazing recovery story from M.E.

I am incredibly passionate and committed to helping people and I understand that what works for one individual, will not necessarily work for another. This is why I draw upon a number of varied and esoteric techniques that ensure you are getting a very tailored approach that will deliver results:

*Neuro Linguistic Programming


*Emotional Freedom Technique

* Sport Psychology


*Matrix Reimprinting

*Energy Work

*Mediation and Mindfulness.

The only thing I can’t do is make you take that first step of contacting me today. That is your bit. The rest is down to me.

Whats stopping you?