EveryBODY Fitness

“There are lots of places I could have gone to get fit but nowhere did I get the attention due to my physical and physiological needs, Epic Fitness changed this”
Arif Hassan
“I’ve struggled to like exercise but I can honestly say I’m really enjoying Epic Fitness”
Maire Loughran
“I feel such a warm welcome and support from the group, more than any previous groups I’ve joined”
Karen White
“Karen has given me back my independence and continues to help me with my confidence at every session”
Nicola Glenn
“After retiring I was becoming a couch potato. I’ve tried everything else but got bored and needed motivation. Karens group does just that. I absolutely love it”
Jill Kennedy
“I was unfit, unhappy and unmotivated. Having lost 3 close friends, 2 colleagues and my younger brother in 4mths there were days when I couldnt get out of bed. I now feel alive again!”
Marian Radford

EveryBODY fitness is not any other fitness class. It is so much more than just physical fitness, it is also mental fitness. To be honest I didn’t realise how much of the mental aspect these classes had an impact on people until I asked them (check some of their testimonials below).

We are serious about getting fit but we are also serious about having lots of fun and supporting each other. Epic Fitness is so much more than a class, its a community of people who are becoming like a family to one another.

I feel incredibly privileged to be part of this growing community and encourage anyone considering joining to just come along and try.

What YOU will achieve:

  • Weight loss (in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet)

  • An increased level of health and well being

  • More toned and sculpted body

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • A connection to the community

  • A more confident you!