12 Tips for Avoiding Over Indulging during Christmas

It’s Christmas!!!!!! Which if you are like me, means over indulgence on food and drink!!! Way too much chocolate and way too much yummy food is on the agenda. Then comes the food belly!!!

So in todays blog, I wanted to try and preempt any of the looming stress and handle the Christmas period in a completely healthy way (and avoid unnecessary weight gain in the process!)

Here are my 12 tips for keeping your sanity and waistline in check:

1. Start off CLEAN. Begin each day by having a big glass of warm water with lemon squeezed in. Health benefit – it really does clean you internally!

2. Have a healthy breakfast every day. Whatever you think will sustain you for a few hours – whether it’s a green juice or smoothie, some whole grains (unprocessed is best) or even eggs.

Health benefit – Setting a healthy intention each morning by eating a nutritious breakfast will set you off in the right direction to making healthier choices throughout the day.

3. Swap out sugar. Ok this one is hard but I have if you read last weeks blog, I have found a few sweet treats that are unprocessed and completely natural and are still yummy (check the blog here)

Health benefit – processed white sugar robs your blood of calcium, is damaging to the organs (pancreas, kidneys & liver), causes blood sugar imbalances, weight gain and decreases the immune system – just to name a few!

4. Prep! ALWAYS prep what you are going to eat when you are not in a rush or starving hungry! Oh and never shop on an empty stomach!!!

Health benefit – You will be more inclined to choose healthier options as your blood sugar levels will be more stable and you will not be craving the bad stuff!

5. Do a mini fast. Especially if you’ve overindulged a bit. Give your digestion a break by fasting – even a one day juice fast is beneficial.

Health benefit – Fasting is a great way to give your digestion a rest. While I don’t recommend fasting specifically as a remedy to overindulgence, in the short term it can relieve some of the water retention and sluggish feeling from not making the best choices.

6. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of fluid in the form of water, fresh made juices or herbal teas. Extremely important if you are drinking more than your usual quota of alcohol.

Health benefit – Many people mistake thirst for hunger; when truly hydrated you won’t have false hunger and be more in touch with your natural hunger patterns (remember – ONLY eat when hungry!!) As an added benefit keeping your body hydrated will also have a direct impact on the health of your skin – dehydrated body = rough itchy skin while maintaining proper hydration will keep your skin smooth, supple and wrinkle free.

7. Plan. Starting to plan how you are going to get fit and healthy in the New Year is not only key to removing any excess fat that you might have gained but you are more likely to stick to a resolution if you have planned it. What does that mean? Ok, so for me to do something and fully commit to it I either have to rope someone else in or I have to commit and pay for it in advance. No-one likes to lose money so for me that will motivate me! If you are unsure of what to do, check out my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan here 

8. Smart supplementation. Between the late nights, overindulging, crowded shops and the general stress of the Christmas period – the immune system takes a big kick! Definitely time to take a multivitamin (whole food ones are the best) and supplement with a few essentials that will support the immune system like – vitamin C, vitamin D, fish oils and probiotics.

Health benefit – While supplements are useful all year round, I especially recommend them in times of high stress when we may not be making the most nutritious food choices.

9. Get Domestic. Start taking time out to plan your meals and then go shopping with your weeks menu. If you are really super organised, cook a few on the sunday and then freeze them for later in the week.

Health benefit – Less likely to buy rubbish from the supermarket. When you are hungry in the week, you will have a go to meal in the freezer which is healthy.

10. 80/20 Rule? Some individuals prescribe to such ratios as eating uber healthy 80% of the time and being somewhat lenient 20% of the time while others make it a rule to relax on the weekends. I say – don’t try to figure out crazy ratios. My recommendation is to eat delicious, health promoting foods every chance you get; then relax and enjoy yourself at parties and special occasions.

Health benefit – Stop making everything more complicated then need me – forget the ratios; most people know what is healthy and what isn’t. My rule of thumb is, if its not seen daylight, been watered or was breathing it is probably unnatural and processed rubbish – get rid of it!

11. Include detox practices each day. Keeping your lymph flowing will insure a healthy immune system and detox the body at the same time! Great ways to incorporate this is by exercising , dry skin brushing (sounds weird but is great for the circulation) Epsom salt baths and drinking water every day.

Health benefit -This falls back into the category of being kind to yourself!

12. Be gentle on yourself. Realise that you WILL eat something that is not great for you and truth be told, you WILL probably over indulge quite a bit – GET OVER IT! LOSE THE GUILT!! Accept that during the Christmas period you will most likely ENJOY (IF you’re going to eat it you might as well enjoy it!) foods that you normally wouldn’t eat year round and even more likely foods that aren’t doing any favors for you health wise. BUT this is the Christmas period – so if you want a bit of Terrys Orange Chocolate  – have it (just not every day), want Prosecco on Xmas Day mornin? Well have that too, just don’t overdo it and save those less than healthy snacks & foods for the parties and the get togethers NOT your running around, starving and reaching for junk food or eating out of boredom!

Oh and have fun!!!!

Until next week, Be Epic….oh and here are the details again for the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan


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