5 Things You Should Know About Low Fat Foods

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5 Things You Should Know About Low Fat Foods

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In today’s blog I am lifting the lid on low fat food labelling and to keep things short, sweet and simple, I have listed 5 things you may not know about low fat foods.

I am also going to give you some label guidelines so when you are in the supermarket you can make better informed choices.

1. Fat Is Replaced with Sugar – If fat is taken out, something needs to be put back in to make it tasty and in most cases, this is sugar! and guess what sugar is the one of the primary causes of obesity and linked to type 2 diabetes!

2. Low fat foods only need to have less than 3% fat – thats all! Meaning companies can put anything else and as much of it as they want in that product e.g. sugar!

3. You can consume up to 30 tsps of sugar in one day – One trial by Dispatches on Channel 4 asked one person to eat low fat foods for a week and they ended up consuming the equivalent of 30 teaspoons of sugar in one day alone!

4. Reduced Fat products can actually be Higher in fat – The term Reduced fat has to have 30% less fat than the manufacturers standard product but, can still be high in fat – confused yet! So, one supermarkets lean mince can have more fat than the standard mince at another supermarket!

5. “Skinny” foods can contain more calories – The term “skinny” can mean anything and there are no rules around its usage. For example Starbucks skinny blueberry muffin has nearly 9 teaspoons of sugar in it whereas its classic blueberry muffin has 7. How is that skinny?

So in summary, low fat foods in most cases contain more sugar and some reduced fat foods can still be high in fat. The NHS RDA guide (see below) is difficult to adhere to when we don’t understand food labels.

Recommended Daily Amounts (NHS)
Total Fat 70g
of which Saturated fats 20g
Sugar 90g

So how can you make informed choices? We are all busy so my rule of thumb is, if you cant cook naturally with clean foods (eg seen sunlight and needed water etc), read and start to understand the labels. Yes it takes a bit longer but you will soon learn what is good and bad. Below is a guide showing really high levels of fat in food and to steer clear of.

More than 20g per 100g – Total Fat
More than 5g per 100g – Saturates
More than 15g per 100g – Sugars

I hope this helps a little and for more pointers, follow me on the FB page here

Until the next blog, Go Forth and Be Epic in whatever you do!

Karen x

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