Beat Diabetes – Yes You Can

//Beat Diabetes – Yes You Can

Beat Diabetes – Yes You Can


Beat Diabetes – Yes you Can!

Have you heard the shocking news. I was washing up and I am not joking, I had to stop to actually comprehend what was being said.
“Britain is facing a catastrophic diabetes time bomb amongst the 40-60yr olds”

Type II diabetes in people between this age group has apparently doubled due to obesity soaring with nearly, are you ready for this, 80% of people in this age bracket being overweight!

We all know that an inactive lifestyle combined with a poor diet will take a toll on your body but to actually now be at risk of getting Type II diabetes due to this is just shocking!

But can it be reversed? Yes I absolutely believe that in most cases Type II diabetes can be reversed.

Scientific evidence is popping up everywhere showing that if we take better control of what we eat, reduce how much we eat, increase our daily activity levels and lose the excess fat, we can absolutely be diabetes free.

The big question is are you committed enough?? Unfortunately, not many people are and we live in a world of quick fixes (which don’t actually fix anything). Reversing your diabetes is a lifestyle change and the good news is you are never too old to do it!!!

If you are serious about becoming diabetes free, consult your GP and ask for advice. Having a healthy eating plan alongside an exercise plan is crucial but your GP will also be able to help reduce your medication safely.

If you don’t know what to eat or what exercise to do, I am running a 6wk Beat Diabetes trial and need 10 committed volunteers within Wallington, Surrey, aged between 40-60 who will be available over the next 2months. Email me now for more information and to see if you are suitable for the trial 

Beat Diabetes – Yes You Can!!

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