The EPOC Effect – The Weight Loss Secret that the Diet Industry will Never tell you about

Do you know what the EPOC effect is? No??? Well if you want to lose fat in the quickest time, whilst still eating clean foods and not counting calories, you need to read on. Oh and this is something the weight loss industry will NEVER tell you about – Why? because it will cost them millions!

The EPOC effect mean “excess post exercise oxygen consumption” which in laymen terms means “the after burn effect”. Still confused?

Ok well think of a car, when you take it out for a long run it needs quite a while for the engine to finally cool down after you put it in the garage right? Well our bodies are exactly the same!! After we have finished exercising we create an “after burn” effect whilst the body is getting back to its resting state.

During this “after burn” your metabolism must ramp up and a lot of energy (calories) is spent to help bring your body back to this resting state (replenish your fuel stores, breakdown the lactic acid, enzymes, hormones etc).

So, if we are burning lots of calories in this “after burn” period, it would make sense to try and maximise this time period right?

This is where the “type” of exercise is crucial.

Research has shown that interval training can provide a longer “after burn” effect than running at a steady pace!!! And more recent studies have shown that you only have to do 20mins 4 times a week for it to have massive results!

So what type of training is interval training? Well if you come to my classes or do my online programmes – don’t worry I incorporate it into everything I do. It is the quickest way to change your body combined with a clean eating plan.

Now I am not saying you can eat junk processed crap and still lose weight as clearly nutrition is key to not only fat loss but also a healthy life. However, restricting your calories is not a way forwards and actually causes you to store fat (another blog on this).

The weight loss industry is a massive scam. If you are a regular goer, ask yourself, how long have the people at your WW or SW groups been going? Why do they not incorporate specific fat burning exercises into their meetings instead of sitting around (the exact thing that makes you fat) and shaming you on the sad step? I actually volunteered to do some classes and they quickly marched me out of the building – I wonder why!!!!!

So rant over about the weight loss industry!! If you want to lose fat (and I mean fat and not lean tissue or water) you must add some form of interval training into your life. Look for exercises that include HIIT, Tabata, Fartlek or Interval training and do them a few times a week to start with and increase it if you really want to shred the fat. And yes it can be adapted to your age and health – any good instructor should be able to do this!

So get burning guys!!!

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