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img_2057Are you over 50 or know someone over 50 – if so, I need your opinion!!

Its not secret that I am on a mission to help as many local people become more fit and definately more healthy but I have hit a bit of bump in the road – the over 50s!!!

I am struggling to get this group of locals off the sofa and active and want to know whats stopping them!

You see fitness isn’t just for the young. All you need to do is look at Madonna who at 58 is still looking amazing! Ok you might argue that she has the best trainers and nutritionists to advise her and ok she might have had a nip or tuck here or there but, you cannot deny that she has always exercised and looked after herself. I remember watching one of her yoga DVDs a few years back and seeing her hold her own body weight on one hand and this was when she was in her 40s!

Teeside University also did an exercise trial on over 50s over 12 weeks and found that just 3 times a week would significantly improve their health!

So with all this info out there showing how exercise and clean eating can help you, I am still struggling as to what I need to help this age group get off the sofa and to class??

This is where you come in! I am offering a months unlimited membership half price for any over 50 local person who has NEVER been to an Epic Fitness class before!!! Yep thats right, half price! All that is paid is £22.50 and you can come to any sessions you like (choice of 20). So if you know anybody over 50 (or nearabouts) who could really do with improving their health and wellbeing, please share this email with them or if you are over 50 and haven’t quite managed to come to class, click this link and let me help you get your health and fitness back on track! Your health is important to me!!!

Oh – and if you refer someone and they sign up. Your name goes into my lucky draw to win a months free membership!! Everyone’s a winner!!!

Can’t wait to meet to help you on your health and fitness journey.

See you at class.


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