6 Hormones that Could be Responsible for your Weight Gain

//6 Hormones that Could be Responsible for your Weight Gain

6 Hormones that Could be Responsible for your Weight Gain

6 Hormones that Could be Responsible for Your Weight Gain

Yes its true hormones could be responsible for your weight gain and with more and more research showing just what an affect they have on your body, you should really get to grips with ensuring your Hormones are Happy and Healthy!

Now I know this first hand – why? Well at 40, I had a very very early menopause!

In 2011, I started gaining weight, becoming more and more tired, craving junk food, gaining more weight and a vicious circle started! After 6 months, I was diagnosed as having a perimenopause and then another 6months later, I was diagnosed as full on menopausal – not what you expect at 40!

Once I recovered from the shock of being menopausal, I decided to research what exactly was happening to my body and in particular what my hormones were and weren’t doing!

So what are the 6 hormones that have such an affect on our weight?

  • Stress Hormone or Cortisol: Cortisol is a hormone that is released when you are stressed out or have had lack of sleep. Elevated cortisol leads to weight gain and to abdominal weight gain in particular. High levels of cortisol trigger food cravings.
  • Thyroid Hormone: Your thyroid affects the rate at which you burn our calories and hence if you have low thyroid function you will have a number of health issues including weight gain.
  • Insulin: Insulin is the hormone in the body that stores fat. High insulin levels in the blood contribute to weight gain.
  • Estrogen: Estrogen affects our metabolism. During menopause, the estrogen level drops, causing weight gain, especially around the gut.
  • Progesterone: During menopause, there is a decrease in the level of progesterone which leads to water retention and bloating which makes you feel heavier!
  • Testosterone: Due to decreased levels of testosterone during menopause, there is decrease in the metabolic rate, which consequently results in weight gain.

I felt quite daunted by the above and it took me quite a while to work out a strategy to help get the old me back. So I literally went back to the drawing board. I completely changed what I ate and when I ate. I also had to change the way I exercised to ensure I was burning fat in the most effective way to get rid of the middle aged pouch I had gained. You could say I had a lifestyle makeover!! Anyway, it worked and it is still working now and hence why I developed the incredibly successful Rapid Fat Loss Plan and the Reclaim Your Body Plan (click here for more info)

So I have listed a few top tips below for you, to help you get the three Hs (Happy Healthy Hormones)

  • Eat Clean!!! Cut processed foods out of your diet! My rule of thumb is – if it comes in a box and you cannot pronounce the ingredients, get rid of it!
  • Cut back on your alcohol – Save it for the weekend and cut out any fizzy drinks (Sugar will just be stored as fat)
  • Exercising regularly but ensure you are doing specific training that is going to increase your after burn effect
  • Carb switching – Try to switch eating carbs to the days when you exercise
  • Eat if you are hungry and eat at regular intervals (starving yourself will make your body store fat)
  • SLEEP – Sleep for at least 8 hours
  • Say No to Sugary foods – Cut out sugar to help maintain healthy insulin levels! If you can’t cut it out have a treat day once a week
  • Drink 2-4l of water per day

As I said it was a complete lifestyle makeover for me but I now feel just as strong as I was in my 20s. I am not tired anymore, my middle age spread has gone and I eat a really clean diet consisting of foods that I love!

I hope this helps but keep me posted, I love hearing your stories!

Karen xx

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