Help!! How Can I drop an Outfit Size in Time for Xmas?

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Help!! How Can I drop an Outfit Size in Time for Xmas?

‼️Help!‼️How can I drop an Outfit size in time for Xmas??? ❓❓

I seem to be answering this question daily so I thought I would list down what I do here:-

1. Choose an Outfit and Try it on!! You may remember I had initially chosen a beautiful green dress thumb_img_1408_1024which I wore last year. I tried it on today and its snug which for me is not an incentive as it fits, albeit snug. Therefore, I have chosen two more outfits. One that I can’t zip up and one that is ridiculously tight. They are now going to be hung where I can see them everyday.

2. Plan! Do you actually know what to do and how to do it? Eg I want to drop a dress size and therefore I prob need to lose around 10lbs of fat off my body. I am aiming for 1-2lbs of fat per week and therefore I will be doing 4-5 specific fat burning HIIT sessions per week to ensure this happens.

3. Be realistic – I love food and I love life! Therefore I am not going to restrict myself with food but I am going to be sensible and be aware that if do over indulge one day, I will need to make up for it with an extra HIIT session the next.

4. Support – Unless you are one of the very few people who are super self motivated and enjoy training alone, find a group of like minded people that can help you stay on track. I always train better with others and tend to push myself harder. If you need help from a local group click here to find out about Epic Fitness

5. Don’t give up! – it takes 2-3 weeks to form good habits and you will have off days. Don’t let them turn into off weeks! Draw a line under it and start again. You won’t gain that much weight by having one off day!

6. Visualise – visualise yourself in that outfit and how it will make you feel. What will people say, will you be dancing or walking with your head held high with confidence? I know I will be dancing on a table

So there you have it in a nutshell. Get planning!!

If you are struggling, join me on the 6 Week Xmas Outfit Programme which commences this Monday 31 Oct. I only have a couple of spaces left now so hurry and sign up now by clicking here.

Thats all for now folks and see you back here next week for more tips and pointers to help you on your fat loss and fitness journeys.

Go forth and Be Epic

Karen x

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