How Alcohol Affects your Weight Loss

If you drink and are trying to lose weight or decrease your body fat percentage, you may benefit from reducing your intake of alcohol or avoiding alcohol altogether. In addition to contributing extra calories to your diet and possibly changing what and how much you eat, alcohol interferes with normal metabolic pathways including fat burn, which can lead to fat accumulation in your body.

So what exactly happens within our body when we drink alcohol and is there a way we can change this. Fat and Carbohydrates (from the foods you eat) are broken down in the liver. Carbohydrates in the form of sugars are broken down much quicker than fats so these will take priority over fats if both are present. Sugar is like instant energy. However, when alcohol is present, this takes priority over both carbohydrates and fat. Why you might be thinking? Well, the body cannot store alcohol and it’s almost like a toxin. Therefore, the body will break down the alcohol first and foremost — alcohol becomes your body’s preferred fuel source, which means you must burn off all your alcohol calories before you start burning calories from the food you eat, thus inhibiting your fat burn.

When we drink alcohol it generally comes with the consuming of food right? So is there anything you can do to stop the fat and sugar levels rocketing in your blood stream waiting to be burnt off. Yes! Studies have shown that if you choose a high protein food instead of a high carb or high fat food, it will have no affect on your fat levels and a much smaller increase in your sugar levels in your blood.

Therefore, if you are drinking whilst trying to lose weight just keep it in mind that you are body is not burning fat until all the alcohol is burnt off! Also, if you are eating try to eat protein based foods to avoid adding more fat to your blood stream.

Let me know how you get on.

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