I Still Can’t Believe I Looked Like This!

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I Still Can’t Believe I Looked Like This!

I Still Can’t Believe I Looked Like This!


When I look at this picture of me on the left in January 2015, it still brings up horrid memories and I still can’t believe I looked like this.  You see although I have always been into fitness and hence why I became a Sports Scientist, it wasn’t until 2012 when I had my own personal battles that I really appreciated what its like to be overweight, depressed and really unhappy.

In 2012, I had 3 major life changing events happen to me (watch the graphic video here) over a really short space of time which sent me spiralling into a world of depression, overeating and because of the way my face looked, not wanting to go out. I wasn’t exercising, I felt fat, lethargic and hated looking at myself in the mirror. I was in a pretty bad way to say the least and to make things worse, I hid how I felt to everybody around me.

This went on for a few years and I remember waking up one day off the back of another over eating session and thinking, this isn’t me! I knew the only way for me to do something about it was to set myself a goal and make a plan that I could easily follow where I would see the results fast!

So I went back to basics and read up on all the uptodate research on the best ways to burn fat faster with lasting results. I then designed a programme that included eating the right types of food (no more fast microwave food for me) and combined it with the right type of training and then trialled it out.

Within a few weeks I was starting to notice a difference in how my body looked and felt. To be honest, I was actually shocked at just how quickly the results came. My body was starting to look and feel stronger and I found I had much more energy then I ever had before. I was losing inches around my waist and stomach (most important area for me) and my arms were looking really toned. I was still eating the foods that I loved but was more aware of how we use food as fuel within our bodies.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t plain sailing and of course I had off days but I didn’t allow them to go into off weeks or off months. I aloud myself treats when I wanted them and if I overindulged, I drew a line under that day and started again the next.

As the months went on, I was becoming more confident and subsequently I started attracting clients who wanted to achieve the same results. Since then, its been crazy and I have been busy helping lots of people shred the fat and become more fit and fabulous!

So I am now on this crazy mission to help even more local people – 1000 to be exact and hence why you may see my adverts or emails looking for people to trial out this very programme that I personally designed to rapidly burn fat.

If this sounds like you and you are ready (you have to be ready!!), just click here to find out more.

Look out for my next email this week when I share the reasons “Why You Could Be Gaining Weight” and be sure to add me to your contacts to avoid me sitting in your junk folder – its dark and gloomy down there!!

For now, “Be whatever you want but, Be Epic about it”


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