This Lady is Kicking Diabetes to the Curb

Meet Caroline…

Caroline has been a Type II Diabetic for years and had constant problems with her cholesterol. Her GP has been trying to get her to take statins for many years but she has resisted. Caroline has dipped in and out of exercising at the gym and also struggled with her weight too.

Fed up with feeling that way, Caroline made the decision to join Epic Fitness in May 2016.

Last Monday Caroline announced some very exciting news. I’ll let her tell the story here….
“Every year I have to have a diabetic check ups including blood tests and pressure etc. I had a call yesterday asking me to go to see my doctor following my blood results and whilst in the waiting room I just thought here we go sugars too high cholesterol too high need to lose weight same old same old. What a shock. The doctor told me sugars were at an all time low of 4.2 and they suspect I no longer have diabetes!!!!!
As a caution only, they are going to keep me on one tablet a day for 6 months and test me again. If I am still this low I am coming off the tablets completely!!!
Another shocker my cholesterol had actually reduced for the first time I ever and I have now dropped to 6.1 . They asked what I had changed and I told them about the epic programme and the reclaim your diet plan.
I told them I had taken so much information from it and was eating so differently now with lots of fresh ingredients along with the exercise which for the first time I could actually feel my fitness and ability changing.
The doctor measured all of the charts and said my chance of a stroke had also reduced!!!! This was the most positive news I have had with regards to my inner health.”

I am super proud of this lady for absolutely kicking diabetes to the curb and I have no doubts that in a few months, she will be completely off all meds and living a much healthier life. Congrats Caroline!!!😍😍😍