Managing Mosquitos!

Managing Mosquitos!

Managing the Dreaded flying Devils

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.33.18So we are into our Indian Summer and although I love the heat and all that it brings, I cannot stand the flying devils that come out at night! It really is no fun whatsoever the next day after a really good night out to wake up to bites whether they be one or two irritating ones or in my case all over my body.
Now I have travelled extensively and the one place where I got really badly bitten was in Cyprus of all places. I was staying with a friend of mine who lives out there and I go pretty much every year so this wasn’t a new place at all.

It started within the first few days, I would get one and then two and it was becoming a bit of a running joke as I would wake up every morning with more and more bites on me. It actually got so bad that it looked like I had measles and when I went to the pool, they wouldn’t let me in as they thought I had some contagious disease.

My friend took me to the doctors who thought I had arrived from some amazonian jungle and gave me the equivalent of dog flea shampoo to wash in and I had to spend the rest of my holiday in a mozzie net covered from head to toe.

Thankfully, I have been back and not been bitten to that extent but I am still prone to the odd bite in the summer. So, considering I teach in the park, I really wanted to know what I can do to prevent being bitten and also what to do to stop the itching!

So I grabbed local award winning aromatherapist Louisa Pini from Just Be Natural for 10 mins to ask her expert advice.

According to Louisa, mozzies are basically attracted to our scent and yes some people are naturally more sweet smelling than others – guess thats me then! However, there are a number of things we can do to help keep them away that does not involve harsh products such as DEET (I have used this in the past and it actually stripped the nail polish off my hands and melted the bag it was in).

Louisa has kindly listed her top 8 tips and as with any products recommended, please consult a qualified practitioner beforehand.

  1. Take an extra B Vitamin supplement or eat more B Vitamin foods. The excess will be excreted through sweat and the scent puts mozzies off.
  2. Garlic supplements – This works the same way as the B Vitamin and should keep mozzies away.
  3. Citronella – This acts as a mask and basically hides our scent from mozzies creating a barrier. Ensure you use a natural organic product to get the best results.
  4. Avoid wearing dark clothes – Apparently mozzies are drawn to dark colours. Therefore light and pastel colours are best.
  5. Water – Mozzies breed in water so where possible stay away from water when later at night. Ensuring you have no buckets of rain water in the garden etc as this is a great place for mozzies to get cosy!
  6. Lavender oil – This oil is great for a number of things but Louisa really recommends it for soothing bites and to use it neat or with olive oil.
  7. Tea tree oil – Another great natural product for helping with some relief from bites. This oil also has antibacterial elements in it too.
  8. Epsom Salts – If you have a lot of bites, having a bath with a cup full of epsom salts can really help to soothe the skin and draws out toxins.

Hopefully, this will give you some helpful pointers but in some rare cases where you see no relief within a few days, consulting a doctor is always best.

So get out there and enjoy the last of the summer but ensure you prep if you happen to have sweet blood like me!

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