6 Week Reclaim Your Body Programme


Are you tired of programmes that just don't work?

Learn how Karen Savage can help you RECLAIM YOUR BODY in just 6 Weeks!!

This new and improved Reclaim Your Body Programme – has helped people just like you too transform their bodies all across the UK.

NOW, with More pages, More info, More Questions Answered, Easier to Read, and Easier to Print!

The 6 Week Reclaim Your Body Programme  – will get your body in FAT BURNING Mode, speed up your metabolism and get processed foods out of your system! Combined with a workout plan designed for any fitness level and geared towards burning fat for up to 36hrs after you exercise, to start reclaiming your body.

The programme is based on REAL food and will require preparation and cooking. What it will give you though is a good variety of worldwide foods that you may not have eaten before but will absolutely love. I love food and therefore every recipe on this plan has been tried and tested hundreds of times by me!

The exercise plan is simple in that it can be performed anywhere and takes just 20mins to complete. It comes with a handy tick sheet to ensure you have done each exercise and also a video guide for coaching support.

Download the Reclaim Your Body programme today and I’ll include my “Maximum Fat Loss Guide“  to help give you that extra weekly boost as a FREE Bonus! £10 value!


The materials and content contained in the Reclaim Your Body Programme are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. More info



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